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Gunawan Jusuf Memiliki A Wealth Of Pengalaman Dalam Dunia Bisnis

November 19, 2015
Gunawan Jusuf currently serves as the CEO of Sugar Group Companies. As the Chief Executive Officer of this Indonesian company, he has overseen its strategic growth recently and has put the business in a place to be able to take advantage of sustained growth. Gunawan Jusuf is a skilled entrepreneur and dynamic businessman who understands the pressures that face a large company like Sugar Group Companies and understands how to attend to the needs of both his customers and his employees.

Gunawan Jusuf has the experience that is necessary in order to help guide Sugar Group Companies through its most difficult challenges. He has taken on his responsibilities and handled them with aplomb as a leader should. Gunawan Jusuf wants Sugar Group Companies to run as efficiently as is possible and has taken great steps towards achieving that end. This includes streamlining the company, which is tougher than it sounds in a company with so many subsidiary companies, employees, and properties.

Sugar Group Companies is made up of a number of different subsidiary companies, thus the name. This includes companies like PT Gula Putih Mataram, PT Indolampung Perkasa, and PT Sweet Indolampung. The company's most successful product is Gulaku, a refined sugar product that is commercially sold and recognized all over the country.